The Wicked Housing Conundrum
image May, 2018 Uncategorized
By Astrid Wicht  – May 2018 Over the last 35 years I have worked as a social architect, housing and women’s activist, and community development facilitator with communities in urban, small rural town and rural contexts, engaging communities in the participatory design and planning of people’s settlements, housing and ...
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Vukuzenzele: Title hand-over event
April, 2018 Uncategorized
Blog by: james Clacherty & Sayak Roy Photos: Kaylin Harrison “You can buy cars, clothes, shoes but you cannot buy a home, you have to make it. The way we all did.” —Vukuzenzele resident on receiving their title “My House! My Home! A legal Home!” On human rights day, the ...
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Upscaling City-wide Informal Settlement Upgrading in South Africa: A Programme Management Toolkit for Metros in South Africa.
January, 2018 Uncategorized
By Claire du Trevou:   In December 2017, the Cities Support Programme hosted a consultative workshop entitled “Upscaling City-wide Informal Settlement Upgrading in South Africa; A Programme Management Toolkit for Metros in South Africa” where the major South African Metros were introduced to the recently developed toolkit, which aims ...
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Vukuzenzele Mapping Workshop with UCT Environmental and Geographical Science Students
November, 2017 Uncategorized
By Emma Goodwin on behalf of People’s Environmental Planning:   Over the course of the last month, PEP organised a series of workshops with second year UCT environmental and geographical science students in Vukuzenzele. PEP has a long historical association with the residents of Vukuzenzele and our work in ...
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PEP Submission for Affordable Housing Exhibition
November, 2017 Uncategorized
By Claire du Trevou: In August 2017, THE ARCHITECT pop up gallery at Cape Institute for Architecture planned an exhibition about affordable mixed-income housing. The intention of the exhibition was to showcase both built and imagined affordable housing developments in Cape Town. People’s Environmental Planning decided to create and submit a small case study which ...
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Photo Essay: Upgrading Child Headed Households
October, 2017 Uncategorized
By Dustin James Mason October 20th 2017 ——— Baphumelele Children’s Home (BCH), Habitat for Humanity South Africa (HFHSA), & People’s Environmental Planning (PEP) have partnered to provide emergency upgrading solutions to the homes of orphans & vulnerable young adults throughout Khayelitsha. The Project was initiated by Baphumelele, who offer ...
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PEP assists Early Childhood Development Center (ECD) in Vukuzenzele with Planning Permission
September, 2017 Uncategorized
By Sinazo Mqalo: 11 September 2017 Skills learnt during early childhood development are arguably the most valuable skills one will learn throughout their life. The people we are today are shaped by our contact and experience as infants. Children learn from what they see around them, and much of ...
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Furniture & home building for child headed households
August, 2017 Uncategorized
By Dustin James Mason on behalf of People’s Environmental Planning: August 10  2017                   Children all over the country face many of the same issues; homework, chores, looking after younger siblings etc. but for many children living in Khayelitsha and other ...
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Hundreds of thousands of homeowners do not have title deeds
image June, 2017 Uncategorized
By Noah Schermbrucker, Victoria Mdzanga and Christine Botha 6 June 2017 In Tsime Street, Vukuzenzele, 31 happy faces are peeking through the window of a bright red house which is currently registered with the Western Cape Government as Imizamoyethu Educare Crèche. Nomakhaya, the owner, takes pride in caring for ...
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